TV Stand Valencia

Product Description
  • New year, new ideas at Josy Furniture for your new renovation 
  • Modern European Furniture (Hard to Find)
  • Imported and manufactured directly from Germany unique furniture and amazing quality
  • Only the best from Germany 
  • Great for Storage and entertainment unit
  • Body In White Matt
  • Doors in Colors that are listed
  • Condition: Like New
  • Extra Storage on top of Doors
  • Two pull Doors in total
  • No Handles Push Engraved Handles from the top
  • Easy to clean, only a damp cloth needed
  • Dimensions: L x W x H (61"x 16"x 18")
  •  PICKUP LOCATION: DAWSON ROAD 1602 LORETTE JOSY FURNITURE *We also offer delivery for an additional fee depending on the distance
$249.00 $650.00